Introduction of the company NATURAL

NATURAL is original independent private Czech genetic company. Immediately after the change of political and economical system in middle Europe at 1990 we started our deal practically from zero. During more than 15 years NATURAL represents quickly developing alternative to global genetics companies. We show that not only Czech beer, Czech sports like hockey and tennis, Czech lady models but also Czech breeding and NATURAL genetics are essential as well.

We work for Czech cattle farmers as well as we export insemination doses to around 20 countries.

NATURAL dairy cattle genetic program

We select all bulls for our testing from world genetic sources, often coming by embryo program. Dairy and beef breed's embryos are imported and implanted to recipients living in large number cows herds. Than the bulls are performance tested and then transferred to our A.I. station. Their sisters and following families must show the quality of genetics in industry herds' conditions. Actually we collaborate with several big Czech herds disposing with deep genetic families, tested generation after generation in management of the big herd without individual animal preference. We work hard in selection and genetics of different dairy cattle breeds: Holstein (including Red), Simmental and Fleckvieh, partly in Montbeliarde, Brown Swiss, Jersey and Ayrshire. The main dairy Czech populations are 200 000 Holstein and 200 000 Simmental herd book cows. All these cows are milk recorded and breeding values of bulls are calculated by national Test day model. We have big farms with hundreds of cows and there is no individual preference for bull daughters. NATURAL is testing bulls as the part of national program. On the same way majority of our bulls are tested in other countries: Germany, Holland, Hungary, Italy and USA. We can offer semen of proven well balanced bulls with milk, protein, fat, type and fit traits.

Natural beef genetic program

We develop original program of 13 beef breeds. Beef bulls are selected inside of great national program of 1000 bulls on Ministry approved national performance test stations. Less than 1 % the best bulls we buy and use in progeny test in pure or cross breeding programs. Good breeding values of easy calving, growth and muscularity (including double muscle), very often with polled character make success of our bulls in many countries from Portugal to Lithuania. The relation between quality and certainty of the bulls breeding values and prices of the doses makes our clients pleased.

Technical and export service

We organize different professional trips and excursions of international visitors to our genetic and production herds. For special interest we can joint our official authorities like Ministry of agriculture, State veterinary administration, herd books and breeder's organizations or national center for calculation of breeding values, DNA tests and pedigree registration. We offer not only genetics, but knowledge, technical, practical and management information as well.

Our export team has very good practice and is flexible to react for your questions and demands. We speak English, German and Russian. All veterinary and pedigree and breeding requirements are supported. You can ask for semen, embryos and live pedigree animals without doubts.
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